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Now enrolling for beginners classes in Kirkintilloch and Bearsden for 3-7 year olds

About Quavers

A sound foundation in Music Education

Over 25 years of development, both in Scotland and England, has culminated in a course that is both unique and highly effective. The content is comprehensive; the presentation is bright, lively, captivating and fun! Children are taught in informal groups of up to 10 pupils.
We have found, and recent research confirms our findings,
that all children can benefit from learning music at an early age and that the
benefits spill over into almost every aspect of their development.
The course has been designed to eliminate the mystery and inaccessibility of reading music and tackles the most sophisticated concepts with simple child-friendly logic.

The Course

Confidence is built on success and success is assured because through the development of the course, potential stumbling blocks have been removed, so that the children progress smoothly and steadily with maximum fun along the way. The syllabus is taught with stories, song and games all expertly designed to impart musical knowledge and skills.
The full workshop course lasts 3-4 years and produces confident new young musicians every year. Children completing the course will be competent, confident, and ready to tackle any instrument appropriate to their size and physical maturity. More importantly, they will be very motivated and keen to get to grips with any musical instrument within reach!

The Quavers Musicianship Course can enable children from three years old to read, write understand and play music. Each new musical concept, however complex, has been analysed, simplified and presented in a way which is both effective and fun. Children are captivated by the Note Family, whose adventures unfold in stories, songs and games throughout the course. The unique presentation captures the children's imaginations as they explore the language of music.

Meet Our Teachers

Deirdre Hamilton

Founding Director

As a primary teacher experienced in teaching reading, Deirdre designed the course with the child's experience very much in mind. Don't hesitate to contact Deirdre for enquiries about course content or for resources to support your school.

Kirsty headshot_edited.jpg

Kirsty Hamilton

Project Director, Scotland

Involved in developing the Quavers Musicianship Course since 1990 in community settings, Kirsty has adapted the course for use in mainstream schools and for children with additional support needs. Please contact Kirsty for classes in Bearsden and Kirkintilloch, school sessions and CPD.

 News from Quavers

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Quavers Scotland

November 2022

We celebrated 20 years of Quavers Scotland with a charity concert at New Kilpatrick Church raising £300 for MusiCares

Course Manual Published

August 2016

Congratulations to all the team involved in adapting the Quavers course for schools! East Dunbartonshire Council have published the adapted course under the title Music Machine.

Resources Available

August 2016

Resources to support the Quavers Musicianship course are now available to order directly from


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